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Peter and me are a childless couple, both born in the late 70s, and we daily enjoy living together with our Salukis. Thanks to their balanced and calm nature, our daily life together is carefree. Our Salukis are our family members, and you could say we’ve tailored our lives to each other. In 2019, we traded our beautiful house in Cologne for our current home here in Overath so that we and our pack can fully flourish. Thus, we’ve created the best possible conditions for our furry companions to have plenty of options to play on our spacious property or enjoy wonderful walks.

But let’s start from the beginning. Before the first Saluki joined us in 2012, English Pointers were our companions. So, we were accustomed to the hunting and energetic temperament of a sighthound. After the Pointers, there was a brief period without a dog in the house, a terribly loveless and boring time. Therefore, in 2010, we turned to the DWZRV (German Sighthound Breed Association) to find the right Saluki breeding facility, and we found it.

We now have Salukis from various breeding facilities, but we also fulfilled a big dream and imported a female from Iran. Now, we enjoy the sight of these graceful beings daily as they gaze at us with their gentle eyes or simply stand there, noses in the wind. But above all, their fascinating movement, whether in play mode or when indulging in their passion for racing or coursing, is something we can never get enough of.

We noticed that our first Salukis differed from the Western-raised ones we had encountered before. Their appearance was more athletic, with dry muscles and moderate angulation, but above all, their temperament was not reserved but rather affectionate. We increasingly fell in love with Salukis from their countries of origin, and our passion grew. With this fascination for the breed and the acquired knowledge, it was not surprising that the decision to breed eventually came about.

Love, passion, and conviction have driven us to support the continuity of this wonderful breed, with its variety of types and colors, and to be a part of it!

In selecting breeding dogs, we aim to incorporate offspring from ‘desert bred Salukis’ into our breeding program. Our breeding dogs undergo thorough genetic and health examinations, including heart, NCL, and SSADHD tests, all of which must be clear. For the mother dog, we ensure that her blood profile, especially thyroid values, is flawless, ensuring her health for motherhood. If the selected breeding animals also feel a connection and it bears fruit, our litter is born.

In 2019, we gained our first breeding experience with our wonderful bitch Shiva. At the time, we didn’t want to be active breeders, and friends offered to support us in this wish. We are grateful to them to this day because otherwise, our precious Gooya would not exist.

The year 2023 is the year of our A-litter. We are overjoyed by the positive development, from getting to know the sire, the entire pregnancy, to raising the puppies, and also by all the dear families who are now part of the Del’Neshin family.

For us, it is natural that the mother dog gives birth to her puppies in our living space. She is always in her familiar environment, in the lap of her loved ones, but above all, under our supervision. Thus, our puppies grow up in the house, never in kennels or crates. They naturally experience the everyday things of life from a young age, whether it’s the noise, creative toys, or different surfaces. Socialization is very important to us, along with health and functionality.

Before the sweet puppies reach their new homes, they have already experienced leash training, car rides, and, especially, positive encounters with their environment during short walks. Depending on their development, our puppies can move into their new homes at around 10-12 weeks old, dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and with papers (FCI.VDH.DWZRV). Whether near or far, we are happy to accompany you and your beloved new addition and want to be there for you, even before they move in. This is a part of our breeding philosophy.  

Above all, it is important to us that our puppy becomes a member of your family. A Del’Neshin puppy deserves your unconditional love and attention. That’s what we wish for our little Schnittchen (LITTLE CUTIES)! Why ‘Schnittchen’? Because they are little pieces of the whole!

Yours sincerely,

Eva, Peter & the Schnittchen

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