Gooya Talay Ravan Bacht

The name “Gooya” finds its roots in the Persian language, not only carrying a melodious sound but also a beautiful meaning. In Persian, Gooya means undiscovered, hidden, mysterious, and also a messenger of news. It’s a name with a hint of mystery or secrecy, accentuating her mystical and unique nature.

Gooya is our enchanting unique lady, born in 2019 and has since developed into an elegant and open-hearted darling. Her personality is marked by a warm nature, welcoming friends and guests with exuberant kisses and hugs. In everyday life, she brings us her toys daily, inviting playfulness and fetching.

It fills us with indescribable joy to witness and nurture her passionate dedication to coursing. As she embraces her role as the pack queen, she displays kindness and empathy, making her charm a true gem within the family!

Date of Birth: 9 Mar 2019
Country of birth and living: Germany

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