Gooya wishes all the best (2023)

Three generations tree for Christmas ‘2023
Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter

Shiva tries to scar in ‘2023

Kamand 1.Place out of 12 females at coursing

a wonderful success after given birth  

We sadly say Goodby to our sweet Princess 

Mother & daughter at the Golden Trophy Show Belgium ‘2023

Shiva excellent 1 (vet class) & Gooya excellent 2 (open class)

Landessiegerin Hessen-Thüringen ‘2023

Gooya 1.Place CACC+CACL out of 10 females 

Gooya 1.Place at the coursing in France ‘2023

Huge emotional news in May ‘2023 

The wonderful A-litter was born

Her very first coursing, we are so proud

Joonam 4.Place out of 10 females in the Netherlands ‘2023 

Merry Christmas from Ferry ‘2022


Scary Gooya on Halloween ‘2022


Kamand got 2.Place out of 15 females

Amazing , Coursing ‘2022 

Happy birthday ladies ‘2022

Ferry 11 & Shiva 9

Jay, Kamand got her race license ‘2022


Whee, Joonam got her race license ‘2022


Shiva at the Saluki specility in Grepin ‘2022

Exzellent 1 out of 6 females with the age of 8 years out of the working class

happiest birthday miss attitude

Gooya ‘2022

We sadly say goodby to our dear Andishe

Gooya sends new years greetings

Andishe wishes you all merry christmas ‘2021

Saluki Halloween, greetings from Andishe ‘2021

A true friendship begins

The youngsters Joonam & Kamand ‘2021

Happiest birthday in ‘2021

Andishe 14 & Feerouzeh 10

 Frankfurt Airport June ‘2021

Kamand finally arrived from Iran, a happy moment

so so happy, miss Sunshine moved in

Joonam Hayat Ravan Bacht  January ‘2021

Christmas greetings from Shiva & me as Christmaselfs ‘2020

Halloween greetings from Shiva in ‘2020

8 now, happy birthday Lenny Boy ‘2020

Fast Gooya at the track with Saluki mom ‘2020

Gooya sends love from her throne – merry christmas ‘2019

Lovely Gooya tries to scar at Halloween ‘2019

EM Gelsenkirchen race Sep.’2019

little Jale got nominated

July ‘2019 int. race Hünstetten

Jale place 4, out of 7 females

a wonderful gift is given in March ‘2019

little miss attitude, Gooya Talay Ravan Bacht

Merry Christmas from our Saluki-Reindeers  ‘2018

Happy Birthday sweethearts in ‘2018

Andishe 11 & Lenny Boy 6

May ‘2018 in Erkrath

Andishe got excellent 1 & BOB, Vet. class
Jale got excellent 1 & CAC, open class

April ‘2018 int. Coursing Hünstetten

Jale’s first Coursing, 3rd place out of 15

so sad, our queen Sadaf left us 

September ‘2017

Princes Ferry moved in / June ‘2017

Feerouzeh Fardos el Arab and her mom Andishe reunited 

Wonderful Andishe moved in / Feb. ‘2017

 Andishe Fardos el Arab and her mom Sadaf von Iransamin reunited 

Merry Christmas ‘2016

Santa Shiva with gifts

Scary Halloween greetings from Shiva ‘2016

Merry Christmas from the Creme’cuts Reindeers ‘2015

Three generations! Visit of the Saluki Family in May ‘2015

Our lovley creme’cuts Gang ‘2014

on cloud seven, Puppy Shiva moved in

Jale Fardos el Arab  January ‘2014

over the moon, My heartbreaker moved in 

Sadaf von Iransamin November ‘2013

The bravest puppy moved in – Lenny Boy

Hafid Fardos el Arab December ‘2012