Jale Fardos el Arab


My human parents really wanted a cute little thing like me, but when it came to matching the activities or running enthusiasm of a Saluki, they understood more about biking, rollerblading, etc. By the time I was almost two years old, thankfully, they were convinced by friends to let me run a straight track on the racetrack. They must have felt and seen the joy it brought me because then they changed their minds, and after some training sessions, I was allowed to obtain my racing license. Oh yes, I had several years of fun participating in international coursings or races here in Europe to live out my passion and occasionally be presented at an exhibition.

Since my human parents didn’t want to be breeders at the time, they asked befriended breeders (Heike Bräuer & Martina Kissener) if they would include me in their breeding plans. Said and done: During the year 2018, male dogs were introduced to me so that the spark could ignite. When I met my future mate (Volgai’as Fayyoum Be / aka. Tazi), it was clear to everyone involved that we could ‘smell good’ together!

Thus, my daughter was born in March 2019 under the kennel name Ravan Bacht. Now you’ve gotten to know me a little… Yours sincerely, Shiva

Date of Birth: 21 Oct 2013
Country of birth & standing: Germany
race and coursing license, CACIL-Test
Predicate approved in beauty and performance

Heart sono: 2018 & 2023 = clear
color reference: e/e, ky/ky, at/at


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