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in the Saluki World

I wish our loved ones could accompany us forever!

In December 2012, I drove to a Saluki breeding facility to pick up our first Saluki puppy. Luck would strike me doubly that day because as I conversed with the breeder on-site, one particular female dog caught my attention and captivated my heart. The breeder introduced her to me as Sadaf von Iransamin, the foundation bitch of her breeding facility. During our conversation and while holding our puppy Lennox in my arms, Sadaf (his grandmother), an open and friendly dog, nestled into my lap and deep into my heart. The breeder chuckled and denied my request when I said I would take Sadaf and the puppy Lennox home that day! I looked at Sadaf and promised: we will be together someday! So, I left with our sweet puppy in my arms and the dog named Sadaf in my heart…

Exactly one year later (2013), the breeder called us to inform us that her J-litter had been born, the litter I had expressed interest in. I visited the tiny, four-week-old puppies and decided on our little sweetheart Jale (now Shiva), whom we were allowed to pick up a few weeks later. However, fate was sealed on that day: I drove back home with Sadaf in tow.
Dreams come true, the universe listens to us!
Sadaf and I had an incredible bond with each other until her departure. She was a dog with a special character, and I miss her greatly, along with her mischievous grin…

Thus, what started as the purchase of a puppy turned into a story, perfectly fitting for the oriental theme!

My First Saluki’s

Sadaf & Lennox

Sadaf von Iansamin (Foto: Armin Hauke)

Lenny Boy (Hafid Fardos el Arab)

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