Our Start

in the Saluki World

After browsing through various breed descriptions on the internet, we knew that the Saluki was a perfect fit for us and that we could do justice to this breed! In 2011, Peter and I made our decision: among all the many dog breeds out there, it had to be a Saluki that would become our future family member.

At the beginning of 2012, we approached the first Saluki breeder, Ute Budenz, and were welcomed so warmly that we immediately knew: we wanted a puppy from her. The sympathy was mutual, but sometimes breeding plans don’t align or unfold differently than desired. Everything went differently than we had hoped because, during our Saluki journey, we eventually entertained the charming idea of getting two female Salukis. The second breeder we later kept in touch with had promised us a female puppy. But once again, things took a different turn…

By the end of 2012, I went to the breeder to pick up our first Saluki puppy. Luck struck me doubly, as while I was there talking with the breeder, Diana Metzler, one particular female stood out and captivated me. It was a beautiful experience to be surrounded by open-hearted Salukis, quite different from the Salukis we had encountered until that point. The breeder introduced me to this dog as Sadaf von Iransamin, the foundation bitch of her breeding establishment. During our conversation and stay, I cuddled with our puppy Lennox in my arms, and Sadaf, his grandmother, an outgoing and friendly dog, nestled into my lap and deeply into my heart. The breeder laughed and denied when I said I would take Sadaf and the puppy Lennox home that day! I looked at Sadaf and promised: We will meet again! So, I went home with our sweet puppy in my arms and the dog named Sadaf in my heart!

Exactly a year later (2013), the breeder ‘Diana’ called us to inform that her J-litter was born, which had piqued my interest. I visited the little puppies and chose our sweetheart Jale Fardos el Arab aka. Shiva. However, fate sealed itself on that day: I drove back home with Sadaf in tow. Dreams do come true, the universe listens to us! Sadaf and I had an incredible bond until her departure. She was a dog with a special character; I miss her dearly and her mischievous grin… I wish our loved ones could accompany us forever!

Thus, what started as purchasing a puppy turned into a story. Simply fitting for the Oriental!

Our first Saluki’s

Lennox & Sadaf & Shiva, the Cremecut’s


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