The name “Kamand” is less common and has Persian roots.
Translated, it means “bow” or “bow shape”.
It holds a special significance, symbolizing strength, flexibility, or bow-like elegance.

I saw Kamand and her brother in a photo from Iran in the spring of 2020 when they were about 8 weeks old and decided: I must have this little dark-colored female! It must have been a slightly older picture because upon contact, she was already 4-5 months old. After finding out who her parents and breeder were, the project of “importing from Iran” gained momentum. If it weren’t for Corona intervening and causing significant difficulties in international travel, we would have welcomed Kamand here in Germany much earlier.

So, she has been our little asylum seeker only since July 2021, effortlessly completing formalities like phenotyping for registration as Imp 0 in the DWZB, breeding approval, and her racing and coursing licenses.

Integrating Kamand into our pack was absolutely natural. She’s a confident, hunting-loving dog who knows exactly what she wants! “Always ready” is her motto, “always on the move”… quite literally, as Kamand always gives her all, even when overcoming fences. On one hand, a focused hunter never missing prey, on the other, a sprite not shy of silly fun. Yet in the evenings, on the couch or in bed, she becomes cuddly, our little cuddle mouse.

With this same dedication, Kamand slipped into her mother role, naturally delivering her puppies and nursing them until the eighth week. For their later upbringing, all our female dogs were allowed to assist in entertaining the puppies. She warmly welcomed every visitor, proudly presenting her offspring. She convinced everyone with this attitude and love that she is an incredible thoroughbred mom. It’s been a very special experience that she has allowed us to share!

Now her children live with their loving families, and we stay in close contact, trying especially to see each other regularly. We enjoy witnessing their development and seeing them happily living alongside their humans.

Date of Birth: 1 January 2020
Country of birth: Iran
Country of standing: Germany

Notes: Race & Coursing License

Heart sono: 2023 = clear / NCL: free / SSADHD: free

color reference: Ay/at, Kb/ky, Em/eg, S/S, B/B (2 different mutations tested), D/D (2 different mutations tested), l/i

Mother of Litter “A”

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