First breeding experience

After the mating between Tazi and Shiva, endless days passed before we dared to attempt the first ultrasound. The standard procedure, however, the endless curiosity naturally drove impatient individuals to madness… After just ten days following the mating, we were already certain that Shiva was pregnant because she was so full of love; it seemed she had a perpetual grin on her face. Thus, we weren’t surprised when the ultrasound revealed three fruits.

Three days before the estimated delivery date, we took an X-ray and were surprised. Two of the fruits had obviously been absorbed at some point. Initially saddened that there would be only a single baby, we were grateful that this mating had borne fruit after all.

This ONE special Saluki girl, ‘Gooya,’ was born healthy and loud into the world on 9.March 2019, at 12:04 am (via cesarean section). An indescribably joyous moment for everyone involved, tears flowed with happiness.

Volgai’as Fayyoum Be

T azi

Fayyum Be, a warm-hearted male with the patience of an angel. Affectionately given the nickname ‘Tazi’ by his human mom Marianne, he enriches his family and pack settled in Belgium. With a devoted passion for sports, Tazi effortlessly achieved various championships, following in the footsteps of his father, Chazal Y-Shirvan, who was a multiple-time European and World champion.

Tazi’s serene character is reflected in his ability to unite the pack through gentle leadership. A truly faultlessly charming male, it’s no wonder that our Shiva has taken him into her heart.

We are immensely grateful for the trust placed in us with this wonderful dog, and the fruits of love have indeed flourished.

Date of Birth: 21 Oct 2006
Country of birth and standing: Belgium

Heart sono: 2018 clear

GPX 2009   |   W. ‘GP Belg. Racing 2009
W. CUP Belg. Coursing 2009, 2010, 2012
Belgian Tophound Coursing 2013

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